Basic Stats

STR - Increase physical damage to enemy
DEF - Decrease physical damage from enemy
AGI - Stabilize damage both from/to enemy, increase Skill speed
MAG - Increase magical damage to enemy and decrease magical damage from enemy
LUK- Increase Critical rate and increase the chance of not getting negative status.


The Battle System

Attack defeats Break
Break defeats Block
Block defeats Attack

The game is more of a glorified “Rock-Paper-Scissors” game. Battle scenes consists of you choosing which mode of attack to use – Attack, Guard, and Break. Attack wins Break, Break wins Guard, and Guard wins Attack. Only that you’ve got to do it six times in a row.

Enemies in the dungeon are visible on the field. Each round of battle consists of 6 turns. You generally don’t get to see what your opponent is going to do, so it’s like a game of rock-paper-scissors with commands that you choose in advance. Certain active/passive skills and status ailments may reveal the enemy’s turns.

The standard commands are: Attack, Guard, and Break.

Attack hurts Break hurts Guard hurts Attack. If you use or counter with an effective command, you will gain an extra attack (3x in a row)/counterattack(if you chose a command that the enemy's command is weak against).

Skills are unique Semblance abilities. They can only be used once per round. Skills can be unlocked through spending skill points from leveling or better relationship with your Semblance.

Once per round, the Origin can also support the Semblance with Trinity Matrix, ranging from offensive to healing to support spells. Trinity Matrix is concurrent with a Semblance turn so it does not take up an action slot of its own.

Skills and Trinity Matrix use SP. The Origin only has an SP bar, as he/she cannot be attacked directly. Items and experience are gained at the end of every battle.